Top 5 Gardening Projects to do during Lockdown to Kill Boredom

Top 5 Gardening Projects to do during Lockdown to Kill Boredom

Top 5 Gardening Projects to do during Lockdown to Kill Boredom

Top 5 Gardening Projects to Kill Lockdown Boredom

There were so many unexpected things 2020 had in store for us one being COVID-19. People were trapped in their homes but also one good thing came out of this which is lots and lots of free time. But with free time, comes boredom. We at Grow Buddha have a solution for it. It has always been a passion of ours to inspire and get as many people involved in gardening as possible. Lockdown is surely boring and what better way to pass time than to do some gardening.

We chose projects that are not only recreational but will benefit you both in the long run and in the short run. To make these projects easier for you we also incorporated our advice and product that can go hand in hand with these projects:

  1. Growing your own herbs
  2. Growing your own bonsai tree
  3. Starting a terrarium
  4. Growing succulents and cacti
  5. Growing our own micro-greens

Let's dive in.


Growing Your Own Herbs:

grow your own herbs from seeds

Imagine your kitchen counter filled with all kinds of fresh herbs. What a cheerful thought. Now this thought would not become a reality if you are not practical. Growing your own herbs is so simple yet so rewarding. You just have to water them every now and then so make your mind and gear up. Herbs are small plants and do not need that much nutrients which makes them easy to grow. They do not require large planters and frequent fertilising.

Most of the store-bought herbs are sprayed with pesticides. If not, when they are cut, they lose their taste and somewhat nutrition. They wilt or droop during transportation and processing. The notion of having fresh herbs, mere a hand away, to garnish your dishes is what we are striving for.

We at Grow Buddha provide great quality with our Herb Starter Kit. They come with all the things you need to start growing your own tasty herbs. It includes the 8 most sought-after basic herbs. Decide for yourself.

  1. Mint
  2. Fennel
  3. Basil
  4. Chive
  5. Sage
  6. Coriander
  7. Thyme
  8. Parsley

It also contains 8 bio pots for seed starting. Name tags, coconut discs, herb trimmer, and instruction booklet to help you through it all.

Now you have fresh herbs at your disposal all thanks to the Easy Herb starter Kit


Growing a Bonsai Tree:

grow your own bonsai tree from seeds

Now who doesn’t want a Bonsai tree. But the real deal is - growing one from seeds, so you can proudly boast about it in front of your friends. Also, it allows you to have total control over the plant's growth right from the start. It is a long-term project but the praise and satisfaction will be worth it.

The very first step in starting a bonsai is to select a suitable plant variety. Collecting trees from nature is very tricky and ready-made Bonsai trees cost so much. We at Grow Buddha present you our valuable Easy Bonsai starter kit that contains 4 type of seeds or our 8 Bonsai tree set. It gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of Bonsai and create your very own bonsai tree. It is cheap and comes with many free goodies and all the things you will need to start a bonsai.

The tree seeds included are easy to grow and train, along with being elegant and colourful.

  • Red maple
  • Flame tree
  • Jacaranda tree
  • Blue spruce tree
  • Eucalyptus tree
  • Pomegranate tree
  • Silk mimosa tree
  • Judas tree
  • Wisteria
  • Japanese black pine

They will sprout easily if you follow the instructions. On the Grow Buddha site you'll find manuals and tutorial videos too.

grow your own bonsai from seeds

  1. Wet the coco discs with luke warm water.
  2. Place 3 to 4 seeds on each disc and place it in a glass bowl.
  3. Wrap the top of the glass bowl with clingfilm. This will retain moisture and make seed germination faster. Place it in a sunny corner.
  4. Keep spraying the coco discs lightly every day.
  5. Remove the clingfilm once the seed have germinated from their cotyledons.
  6. The seed root will start penetrating the coco disc. Keep the disc moist all the times.
  7. You can break the disc and separate the seedlings but before that make sure that the bio-pots are prepared for transplanting.
  8. It's best to fill the bio-pots with bonsai starting medium or well-draining organic commercial potting soil.
  9. Our coco disc is bio degradable so you can directly plant them in the bio-pots.
  10. Place these bio-pots where they can receive at least 4 hours of sunlight.
  11. Water lightly every day. Once the shoot is thick enough, tear the bio-pot and transplant the tree along with the soil into the plastic pot.

Our instruction booklet guides you in detail all through this process. At the end you will have your very own tree to train into a bonsai. Bonsai starter kit is also 15% off.

Starting a Terrarium:

grow your own terranium

This is our favourite project so far. Don’t get thrown off by the name if you don’t know what a terrarium is. It's like your own personnel micro-climate where you set all the parameters. Terrariums are glass containers that contains plants and soil. They are sealable or can be opened for maintenance and care. Some terraria are also opened to environment. Their size can range from size glass vials to almost room-size. It is a closed but functional ecosystem.

Terrarium are classified into two types:

  1. Closed
  2. Open

Let's talk about the closed ones first. They look more exotic and sophisticated. Well they are. Once you have made and sealed the terrarium you don’t need to water it anymore because of its own water cycle. Isn't that a wow-worthy thing? It can be permanently sealed for years to come. They require not so much natural light and you can enjoy gardening at a miniature scale.

In year 1960, a person name David Latimer added compost and inserted a spiderwort sprout in a 10-gallon glass carboy bottle. He, at that time, also added a quarter pint of water and sealed the bottle. Again, in 1972 he opened the terrarium just to add a pint of water and since then the bottle hasn’t been opened. It's been 60 years and the spiderwort are still thriving. Can you believe that?

We at Grow Buddha also love the terrarium idea ever since we started to grow as a trusted online store. It was always deep in our mind to introduce our customers to an unfamiliar and unusual form of gardening. You have heard about Venus flytrap right. It is a perfect plant for both open and closed terrarium. You can add liverworts and moss with it. You can also gift this idea to a green thumb friend. All you need is some horticultural charcoal and some Venus flytraps. They are very easy to grow from seed. You can check out our Venus flytrap starter kit. It comes with freebies and the basic things for you to grow Venus flytraps.

Open terrariums are more easier to maintain and the plant choices are also broadened. They are incredibly easier to look after. You can grow orchids, carnivorous plants and even succulents and cacti. You can check out our premium easy Succulent starter kit.


Growing Succulents and Cactus:

Grow your own succulents from seeds

It won't be wrong if we say that growing succulents and cactus is like miniature gardening and shouldn’t be thought lesser of. It's easier and fun and once you get the taste of growing them, we assure you, that you are never backing down. There are only two things you need to learn. The perfect draining soil and limiting watering. Succulents and cactus have pleasing geometric shapes and come in every colour colour. Even in blue? Yes, even in blue. Some of the species also produce vivid flowers.

It doesn’t matter what container you grow them in whether it be mason jars, tins, bottles anything the best prospect is that they will stay green or colourful year-round. Yup.

We at Grow Buddha present you, our very own Succulent starter kit. It contains all the items you needed to grow 6 (yeah you heard right, 6) different types of beautiful succulent plants in one box.  it contains pots, succulent soil, clippers, spray, name tags, plastic pot and a booklet to get you through it all.

Succulent starter kit is also 15 percent off. You can also buy the best Cactus and Succulent potting mixes and grow succulents in them. A perfect gift for a perfect person.


Growing Your own Micro-Greens:

grow your own microgreens

Micro-greens are tiny plants which are grown from seeds and are harvested when they are still small. They are cut off just above the roots when their first true leaves emerge. The energy stored in the seed for plant growth is released in the micro-greens which are harvested raw. Because of this, they are dense in vitamins, minerals, vital enzymes, carbs and proteins. Combine this all with “taking very less time to grow” that’s why micro-greens are liked.

Not all plant’s seeds can be used to grow micro-greens for example the nightshade family which includes tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant etc. because they are toxic so keep that in mind. You will have plenty of tasty plants to make appetizers, entrees, casseroles, sandwiches, or eat raw.

You can check out our Herb starter kit and Easy Vegetable Kit to choose some micro-greens from. Again, a reminder that not all seeds can be sprouted into micro-greens.

 The seeds in our kit are 100% NON-GMO, open pollinated and with above 95% average germination rate.

 Grow Buddha

The Buddha has been busy creating and sourcing beautiful products - and he backs it up with a risk-free 30-day guarantee.

If you don't have a ZEN-BUDDHA-LIKE experience, we will make it right for you so that you're 100% satisfied.

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