Our Story



We believe in the power and positivity of plants.

We believe the practice of cultivating and growing is life-giving and life-changing.

We believe that gardening can be for everyone.


Our beginning was simple - a hobby, really: A computer scientist who had a passion for plants and all things green.

But when you love something, you want to share it with the world. And it wasn't long after graduating from university that an idea began to take root.

What if we could share this happiness with others?

What if we could make it easy and accessible so that anyone could experience the joys of gardening?

And from that tiny seed, Grow Buddha was born.

Today, we are a London-based, family-owned business on a mission to bring positivity into the world through the power of plants. We work diligently to provide the very best to our customers by teaming up with local farmers and nurseries to source only the highest quality seeds for all of our products. Everything is carefully packed and assembled by hand at our facility in North-West London with the same love and attention we give our plants. (And that's a lot!)

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