Our Mission

Our mission at Grow Buddha is
simple: To help people grow beautiful things.

We believe that gardening is
a fun, relaxing, and fulfilling hobby anyone can enjoy, yet many people feel too intimidated to get started.

We are on a mission to dispel
these myths and help you tap into your inner green god or goddess and
experience the transformative power of plants. We have designed a line of
specially curated kits and products to bring out the gardener in everyone, regardless of age, experience, or location.

Rainforest Reforestation

Our rainforests have suffered catastrophic losses over the last few decades thanks to the greed and selfishness of large corporations.The natural landscape has been stripped away and replaced by irresponsible monoculture practices that endanger our wildlife. We must do better. GrowBuddha is on a mission to re-establish what's been lost by planning and planting a diverse array of trees to mimic the rainforest and restore balance to nature.

Give and Grow Initiative

There are approximately 811 million people who experience hunger every day. With our Give and Grow program, we donate 100% of the proceeds from the sales of our seed packets to buy food for people who are suffering. One pack of seeds provides three meals for someone in need.