How to Grow Bonsai Tree From Seeds

How to Grow Bonsai Tree From Seeds

How to Grow Bonsai Tree From Seeds

How to grow Bonsai from Seeds

Growing a Bonsai tree from seed is one of the most rewarding processes. Although you may need to wait a few weeks or months for the seeds to germinate, growing a Bonsai tree from seed could be one of the most rewarding processes you have ever experienced in your life. Some seeds have a really hard coating; therefore, it may require several Seasons for those coats to break down and  for the seeds to be able to germinate. If you are willing to invest your time and effort, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful bonsai tree which no money can buy. Growing a Bonsai tree from seed may take many years to perfect but it will be a tree that you could be proud of and be able to pass down generation to generation.

The Type of Seed

It is totally your choice what type of bonsai tree you want to grow. However, it must be noted there are a few basic guidelines you must follow and know about when choosing a bonsai tree.

Firstly, the most important thing to do is to purchase your bonsai tree seeds from A reputable nursery or a tree dealer like Grow Buddha.  Nowadays with the advent of online e-commerce shop you can easily find a reputable seeds shop online.

Many types of trees are used for producing beautiful bonsai trees but the most commonly cultivated trees are Fir, Maple, Pine, Birch and Cedar. Most of these three species are relatively easy to grow and cultivate and therefore preferred by everyone.

Maple, black pine, scots pine, beech and larch are some of the easiest trees to grow from seed and make great beginner bonsai trees. However, if you are a novice you must stay away from species such as white Pine, needle juniper, hornbeam as these are very difficult to germinate.

When purchasing bonsai seeds make sure you purchase from certified dealers who sell certified disease-free seeds. We at Grow Buddha sell only the highest quality seeds to our customers and you can buy with full confidence. Certified disease-free seeds have been specially created and treated to resist common diseases. This is very important for growing a bonsai tree. A diseased tree may grow very weak and die within its first year.

Also, when buying make sure you do not fall victim to so-called bonsai seeds. There is no such thing as a bonsai seed. Seeds which are normally labelled bonsai seeds have a higher price but are equally good as ordinary tree seeds.


Not all trees seeds sprout straight away when put into the soil. Several species of tree seeds must be carefully prepared and stored before they are ready to germinate. You must always do research before purchasing your seeds to familiarise yourself with the particular species and its needs.

A good example of this would be tree seeds such as maple trees. These seeds must undergo a process called stratification before they are ready to sprout. The process of stratification simply tries to mimic the natural weather seasons. We see that in nature seeds from trees fall from the mother plant during autumn months and spend many months in the ground during winter. Then the seeds then usually lay in the ground during the warmer weather in Springs which then triggers them to germinate. To sprout bonsai seed such as maple which requires cold stratification, the seeds must be placed in a plastic bag filled with potting soil and kept moist in a refrigerator for few weeks ranging from 6 to 8. After keeping the seeds in the fridge for few weeks, take them out and plant them in a pot.

Some other trees which have hard shells must undergo a process called scarification. These seeds usually germinate only under certain conditions such as travelling through the digestive system of an animal or being subject to extreme weather conditions such as a fire before being able to germinate. At home you are able to do the scarification process by gently filing the coat off the seeds until you reveal the inner coating. This allows the seeds to break through the opening easily and germinate.


Most tree species like to grow in well draining organic commercial potting soil. You should never use soil from your garden for growing bonsai tree as they are heavy for a pot and unsterilized. This means that your plant or seed will die. Once you have filled the pot with soil, water it well and allow it to drain for 30 minutes.


The depth at which you must plant your bonsai seeds will depend on the species of the tree you have selected. Generally the rule is that seeds must be planted at a depth equal to the diameter of the seeds themselves. Light and very small seeds must be covered very lightly with a thin layer of soil.

Pre-Germination Care

You must keep your bonsai seeds moist with regular watering until it germinates but make sure you do not over water your pot. Just like humans, seeds also hate sitting in soggy soil. You must touch the surface of the soil to check if the water levels are sufficient. If the soul seems dry spray some water using the spray bottle. You should also make sure the soil does not dry out by keeping it away from direct sunlight. Ideal spot would be on the windowsill for maintaining sufficient moisture and light levels for your seeds to germinate.

­­­Post-Germination Care

The amount of time the seeds may take to germinate will depend and vary from species to species. Many seeds germinate in little as few weeks but some seeds may take several Seasons. You must research the amount of time and care a bonsai seed takes to germinate from seeds before you select it and turn into a bonsai tree. Once your bonsai seedling successfully breaks from its seed and develops two true leaves – the leaves that sprout after the first two immature leaves -cut back watering whenever the top third of the soil in the container dries out.

Once your tree has outgrown its seedling tray, select a larger pot to grow your plants in. Using a pencil dig a hole into the soil and place the seedlings roots into it carefully. You should never pull the bonsai seedlings by its stem as it can easily break.

Once the bonsai seedlings are planted into a larger pot you should care for it just as you would a mature bonsai tree. You should move the plant pot to a location where it gets enough sunlight and water it regularly.

We at Grow Buddha offer an all-in-one Grow your own Bonsai seeds starter kit to help you on your journey to growing a Bonsai tree from seeds. Click on this link to purchase our kit and kick start your adventures into the wonderful world of Bonsai Trees.

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