Orchid Food Fertiliser – Liquid Concentrated Fertiliser for Orchid Plants 100 ml – Fast growth with strong root and long-blooming – Suitable for all Orchid plants

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Type: Nutrient
Grow Buddha Orchid Food for Orchid Plants

Made for Orchid Plants by Professional Orchid Experts

We serve Fertiliser products to thousands of customers each month across the globe. The results speak for itself. Our signature Orchid fertiliser is tailored specifically for Orchid Plants. The special formula contains key nutrients and trace elements which are crucial for successful growth, beautiful blooming and survival of the Orchid plants. Whether you are growing Orchids bought from the shops or received it as a gift, our feed will help you get new growth and bloom season after season

✅ Totally Beginner Friendly

✅ Makes a Great Gift Idea

✅ Germination Guaranteed

✅ Access to step by step video tutorials

✅ Easy to follow instructions