Houseplant Food Fertiliser– Liquid Concentrated Fertiliser for Healthy Houseplants 100 ml

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Type: Nutrient

Grow Buddha Houseplant Fertiliser for Houseplants

Made for Houseplants by Professional Houseplant Growers

Grow Buddhas' expertise in Houseplant nutrition speaks for itself. We serve our Houseplant food products to thousands of customers each month across the globe. Our signature Houseplant Fertiliser is tailored specifically for Houseplants. Unlike other products which are generic fertiliser, our formula contains unique key quality components same as rainforest soil, which are crucial for healthy Houseplants. Whether you are growing Houseplants from seeds or re-potting whether indoor or outdoor, our Houseplant Fertiliser will help you.

✅ Helps create healthy stems faster

✅ Promotes new growth

✅ Helps repair damaged root system

✅ Helps absorb more nutrients

✅ Creates lush foliage

✅ Contains organic and inorganic components for vigorous growth

✅ Seaweed extract and mycorrhizal fungi form a natural symbiosis with the root mass

✅ Good root system allows increased access to the water and nutrients

Ideal for indoor and outdoor Houseplants

✅ Created by Professional Houseplants Growers


The Best Houseplant Fertiliser 

Grow Buddha Houseplant Fertiliser will help you grow new buds and leaves, healthy root hair promotes faster growth, and bring back the health and vigor of your Houseplant at home. Our Houseplant Fertiliser is developed by Professional Houseplants Growers, who leave no stone unturned to make it perfect for you. With our proprietary mix of components, you will see an increase in new leaf, and bud growth which helps in absorbing more nutrients. Grow Buddha Houseplant food is created with nothing but keeping the health and nourishment of your Houseplants in mind.


Key Features - Your Houseplants Will Thank you!

Healthy and Strong Roots

Helps create vigorous and strong roots by promoting healthy microbial growth within the soil. Thus, feeding not only the Houseplant but the entire soil food web, which in turn enhances the health of natural soil. Thus, increases nutrient uptake for Houseplants along with providing natural resistance to stress and disease.

Rapid recovery

Grow Buddha Houseplant Food has proven to help plants recover faster and produce more shoots under lab experiments.

Continuous Growth

Seaweed extract contained within our Houseplant food contains a natural growth hormone. This hormone, along with other key nutrients helps the plant push new growth continuous

Promotes healthy foliage

Just like humans, Houseplants also require proper nourishment and the right amount of water to grow fast and bring out the best in them. Our Houseplant Fertiliser contains a balanced blend to retain a good amount of nutrients to meet your plant’s requirements and provide a healthy houseplant with plenty of healthy new growth with green, bright, and even color leaves.

Suitable for all Kinds of Houseplants

There is a wide range of Houseplants. From the Trailing and Climbing plants to easy and low light office types, from indoor to outdoor, you can find something to match every aesthetic. The good news is that regardless of which you choose to raise, our Houseplant Fertiliser won’t let you down. This Houseplant Fertiliser is suitable for all kinds of houseplants whether indoor or outdoor and for all varieties; whether growing from a seedling stage or a fully grown mature plant.


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