Bonsai Food - 100ml Fertiliser

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Type: Nutrient

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Made for Bonsai Trees by Bonsai Experts

Grow Buddhas' expertise in Bonsai speaks for itself. We serve Bonsai products to thousands of customers each month across the globe. Our signature Bonsai fertiliser is tailored specifically for Bonsai trees. Our formula contains key nutrients and trace elements that are crucial for the successful growth and survival of Bonsai Trees. Unlike other products which are a generic fertiliser marketed as a "Bonsai Fertiliser", our product is specifically created for Bonsai trees by Bonsai Masters.

The Best Bonsai Fertiliser

As Bonsai trees are grown in small pots, they can easily deteriorate in health due to the lack of nutrients present in the soil. Without key nutrients, your tree may grow slower than usual or show signs of weakness. It is therefore important you feed your Bonsai trees to maintain a healthy tree. Grow Buddha Bonsai food is created with nothing but the health and appearance of the trees in mind.

✅  Helps create thick trunks faster

✅  Helps create a strong root system

✅  Creates lush foliage

✅  Contains probiotics for the roots

✅  Seaweed extract contains natural growth hormones

✅  Created by Bonsai experts who truly care! not by salespeople

✅  Suitable for plants of all ages

✅  Enough to last you a whole season

✅ Easy to follow instructions



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