Grow Your Own Christmas Tree Starter Kit

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Make every day feel like Christmas day.

The spirit of the holidays doesn't need to be contained to December. With our Grow Buddha Christmas Tree Starter Kit, you can have that holly jolly feeling no matter the season. Our kit comes with everything you need to grow four varieties of Christmas trees, including biodegradable pots, coco discs, name tags, pot, and clippers. You'll watch in amazement as those tiny seeds transform into the vibrant short-needled Blue Spruce, the fast-growing dark green Norway Spruce, the stately and fragrant Scots Pine, and the silvery-hued Korean Abies Fir. And because they're evergreen, you'll get to enjoy the beauty, the fragrance, and the feeling all year long.

What makes our kit so great?

  • The Christmas Tree kit is a fun growing project for beginners
  • It makes an excellent gift for the Christmas lovers in your life
  • Germination is guaranteed
  • It comes with easy to follow instructions
  • The fun begins as soon as you open the box! Our kits come with everything you need; no additional purchase is necessary!

We take growing seriously. That's why we've invested our time and resources to thoroughly test our seeds and attempt to grow them before approving each batch for sale. Because nothing is sadder than a seed that won't sprout, and we like you too much to let that happen.



A tree is a friend that will grow and stay with you for all the memorable events of the generations to come. How magical it would be, if you had a deep connection with your Christmas tree, and it was there with you every Christmas!

Make your Christmas festivities even more exciting with Grow Buddha Christmas Tree Kit.

EACH GROW BUDDHA CHRISTMAS TREE KIT contains these thoughtfully selected items for you to grow your own tree to perfection even as a novice gardener:

✅ 4 Varieties of Christmas Tree Seeds

✅ 4 Biodegradable Pots

✅ 4 Coco Discs

✅ 5 Name Tags

✅ 1 Leaf Trimmer

✅ 1 Instruction Booklet

✅ 1 Plant Pot


Grow Buddha Christmas Tree Kit gives you the amazing experience of growing your own beautiful Christmas tree. We have considered every possibility to make the gardening process easy and created a perfect sow and grow kit for you, which has everything you will need to grow the 4 most loved varieties of Christmas trees in your own garden.

FINEST QUALITY SEEDS: Growing your own Christmas tree can be fun and rewarding. When you see your hand planted little pine seedling grow into a mature tree. We at Grow Buddha acknowledge the love you will pour into taking care of your Christmas tree and to save you from disappointment, we carefully test and choose the finest seeds with a high germination rate for our Grow your own Christmas Tree Kit. We are absolutely positive that you will be pleased with our Christmas Tree Starter Kit.

Grow your own Christmas Tree that brings us all both joy and excitement!

A Complete Gardener’s Experience: In our Christmas tree growing kit, we have taken into account all of your basic gardening needs to grow a Christmas tree even as a beginner. Including 4 of the most popular varieties of Christmas tree seeds. Our Grow a Tree kit also has biodegradable pots and coco discs to give you complete control over the plant nutrition and help the baby Christmas tree to germinate within 4 to 8weeks. Unlike other Grow your own Christmas tree kits, we also included a tree trimmer in our Christmas tree starter kit, along with an instruction booklet to guide you through every step of your Christmas tree growing process and a stylish plant pot.

Now you can decorate a beautiful and living Christmas tree, which you nurtured with your own hands to maturity by using our Christmas tree starter kit. It will be the most fulfilling Christmas you will ever have with minimum expenses. 

Blue spruce

Blue spruce tree, also known as Colorado spruce, is a conical-shaped evergreen tree with stiff horizontal branches and short needles. Blue spruce makes a great Christmas tree because of its bright blue colour and stiff branches that hold ornaments well. Blue spruce has sharp needles that require extra care when handling, but as a plus side, these needles keep the animals away from the tree.

Norway spruce

The Norway spruce is a fast-growing coniferous tree that lives for hundreds of years. It makes a classic Christmas tree with its dark green needles, drooping branches, and triangular-shaped crown. Its needles are short and sharp, and somewhat blunt at the tip. The Norway spruce trees can grow up to one meter per year when young, which makes them a great choice for growing as a Christmas tree. 

Scots Pine

Scots pine is a beautiful evergreen tree, which is the most commonly used pine tree species for a Christmas tree. With dark green foliage and stiff branches that hold up well to heavy ornaments, it is a favorite for traditionalists. The Scottish pine seedling is easy to replant, and with a high survival rate, it is adaptable to a wide variety of soils and sites. The bark of upper branches on larger, more mature trees of Scots Pine trees has a very prominent and attractive reddish-orange color.

Korean Abies Fir

Korean fir is one of the smaller fir species, with appealing form and texture. It is an Asian Native species, but it grows well in other climates and soils. The Korean Abies fir has dark green needles with striking silvery undersides. It grows slowly and fits into most landscapes. This conifer has beautiful distinctive cones in shades of blue or purple, and short, broad needles up to 3/4-inch-long, which are shiny dark green on the top and silver on the undersides. Due to its small size, the Korean fir makes an excellent living Christmas tree.

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